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Shark Week 2014: The Good, The Bad And The Bloody, August 2014
Barndoor Skate Exempted Fishing Comments, May 2014
Sharks and rays threatened with extinction - overfishing to blame, January 2014
Quarter of the world's sharks, rays face extinction due to fin soup: study, January 2014
One-Quarter of Sharks and Rays at Risk of Extinction, January 2014
New Zealand Finning Ban Comments, June 2014
IATTC Position Statement: Shark & Ray Conservation Measures, July 2014
Our exaggerated fear of shark attacks, October 2013
Butchered Basking Shark Seized in Italy, October 2013
Manta rays lacking libido in empty blue seas around the Maldives, October 2013
Sharks: feared or revered - but very rarely understood, October 2013
ScienceShot: Sawfish Going Extinct, October 2013
Researchers conduct census on shark populations, October 2013
Cathay Pacific's ban on non-sustainable shark fin cargo delayed, September 2013
Best sharks in pop culture, September 2013
Subway Shark Found on New York Train, August 2013
Cooler Than #SharkWeek: What Can We Learn From the Brains of the Largest Sharks?, August 2013
Thresher sharks stun prey with tail slaps, July 2013
Why US congresspeople want to feed sharks to the children, July 2013
Souring on Shark Fin Soup, June 2013
Satellite tags uncover basking shark behavior, June 2013
Shark finning banned, June 2013
EU tightens ban on shark finning, June 2013
In Demand: Black Diamond stingrays cost over $10,000 a pair, May 2013
The readers' editor on... a fishy tale of infestation and survival, May 2013
Stingray species sighted in Bermuda for the first time, April 2013
Sawfish project becomes a matter of survival, April 2013
Coast guard cracks down on illegal rare shark fishing, April 2013
Sold for meat, manta ray seized in Pasil fish market, March 2013
Lanka won't reveal shark secret, March 2013
Historic day for shark preservation, March 2013
Final Vote Nears on Conserving Sharks, March 2013
Sharks, rays win new trade protections, March 2013
Decision Looms on Trade Status of 5 Shark Species, March 2013
Sri Lanka urged to vote for sharks, manta rays, March 2013
Protection of Sharks and Rays Threatens to Divide CITES, March 2013
Time to save our iconic marine animals, March 2013
Manta Ray Struggles for Survival, February 2013
Chinese appetite for shark fin soup devastating Mozambique coastline, February 2013
Taiwan urged to offer complete protection to more shark species, December 2012
Fisheries agency considering giving great white shark more protection, November 2012
Sharks caught by fishing gear a concern, says researcher, November 2012
EU to close shark finning loophole, November 2012
Environmental groups celebrate tuna protections, worry about sharks left behind, November 2012
Pacific sharks disappearing into soup, November 2012
Conservation groups celebrate shark finning loopholes closure, November 2012
Surprising Data Collected From Sharks Tagged Off Cape Cod, November 2012
Ample food keeps sharks around Cape, November 2012
Shark fin soup a recipe for disaster for the fish, November 2012
Slaughtered endangered species seized, October 2012
More shark-a-track than shark attack, October 2012
Gabon Expedition: First Photo Taken by a Silky Shark, October 2012
Sharks killed for fins, yet little done to protect them, October 2012
Chinese medicine proves disastrous for manta rays, October 2012
UAE to host shark conservation forum, September 2012
Calling for Global Shark Protection at IUCN World Conservation Congress, September 2012
New species of hammerhead shark confirmed, March 2012
ABC: World's first hybrid sharks found off Australia, January 2012
Giant Manta Rays Get Huge Protections, Still Face Extinction (Video), December 2011
Four New Shark Species Discovered in 2011, December 2011
Nations Agree to Protect Giant Manta Rays, November, 2011
International negotiators rule on shark protection measures, November 2011
EU Observer on shark finning proposal, November 2011
Washington Post on Atlantic Tuna Commission shark decisions, November 2011
New York Times Green Blog: Hope for the Giant Manta Rays, November 2011
The Sunday Times (Sri Lanka): Man's bit too cruel even for 'savage killer of the sea', April 2011
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